Theatre Junction’s Company of Artists is a performance ensemble, which, since its inception in 2006, has presented itself as an international, multilingual, and multidisciplinary collective. Led by its founder and Artistic Director Mark Lawes, the company is comprised of actors, dancers, musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers all with unconventional and singular backgrounds.  Together they create and explore themes that are at the intersection of their differences, constructing live performances that are composite forms of our time. The research and writing of Mark Lawes is developed in close collaboration with artistic associate Raphaële Thiriet and is derived from a system of collective creation in search of new languages and forms of representation.  This mode of creation is at the ‘junction’ of contemporary dance, theatre, film, music and visual art, essential elements used to compose a living writing for the stage.


Theatre Junction company of artists recently received a New Chapter Grant for the Supernova Trilogy.  The Trilogy is one of 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts to mark the 150th Anniversary of Confederation.



“A genre-defying exploration of live and digital disturbances that ask, “if the medium is the message, what does it say”? The future becomes a retrospective in an absorbing probe in search for the possibility of ‘re-enchantment’ in a technological world.”

Over the next two seasons the company is constructing of a multidisciplinary and multi-media trilogy composed of three independent modules.  Metaphorically, the trilogy follows the life cycle of a star.  The explosive impact of new technologies on consciousness and the erosion of the Utopian promise of the American Dream, combine to create a future that has yet to be constructed, in which science and imagination collide.  Each module will consist of a full-length live performance and satellites, including short films, concerts, and installations.

The Trilogy is being developed through a series of international residencies at Teatro Koreja, in Lecce, Usine C in Montreal, Le Carré les Colonnes in Bordeaux, and Théâtre 140 in Brussels.

The Supernova Trilogy is created by Mark Lawes and Raphaële Thiriet with Theatre Junction Company of Artists.

Co-produced by Usine C, Montreal, Théâtre 140, Brussels, Carré-Colonnes, Bordeaux


For more information contact Mark Lawes, Artistic Director: mark@theatrejunction.com


This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.


Module 1 – Supersaturated

Module 1 explores the acceleration of cultural change related to advances in technology. Instantaneous communication, social media, and high speed internet have altered consciousness and transformed our relationship to time, each other, and the world.  Inspired by Douglas Coupland’s ‘supersaturated information age’, and underscored by a ready-made pop-art aesthetic, the company of artists surf the wave of a culture transformed by its own speed.

Module 2 – The End of a Dream

Module 2 is a playful meditation envisioned after the high-speed crash of electronic interconnectedness and the implosion of the ‘global village’. What happens after the collapse of the American Dream? On the edge of a devastated landscape, fragments of a broken love story reawaken the traumatisms of the past. There is a longing to go back home to the way things were, however that place is no longer what we thought it was, and we are no longer ourselves. Module 3 attempts an autopsy on the heartsick condition of a society that has lost its way.

Module 3 – The Last Fall of Wile E Coyote

In this module we watch the final fall of Wile E Coyote. This time, the famous coyote doesn’t get up and repeat himself, instead he watches his image slowly dissolve under a starry sky. The last fall of Wile E Coyote is situated somewhere between the image and the shadow. Onstage a post-rock band sings songs as incantations to summon ancient memories or visions of the future, where animals resemble men. And on the screen, the performers are trapped and interrogated in a series of assessments inciting their fears and paranoia in a so called (post-truth) world where the camera is the only witness. And in the space between the stage and the screen, beyond the frame of the camera, there is an unknown territory, vast and infinitely complex, where nature and the cosmos carry on the subtle dance of reality. The performers act as a chorus in search of a collective reconfiguration of the present moment. 


“SOMETIME BETWEEN amplifies the discordance of our modern hyper-reality, illuminating the dream-like state of the global village”    – Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary


Created in 2013 in Calgary, Sometime Between is multidisciplinary creation exploring a hyper-accelerated world, where the familiar rubs shoulders with the strange. Inspired by Marshall McLuhan’s theories on media which essentially predicted the internet 50 years before its application, Sometime Between is an inquest, one that investigates manifestations of personal isolation in an increasingly connected globalized world.  The performers are caught on the soundstage of a B-horror movie or a pornographic film; yet the setting could be a suburban home. Amnesia flirts with psychosis in a world where we feel the convulsions of a hyperactive, digital, consumer society.

For three months during the summer of 2012, Lawes and the company developed Sometime Between under the auspices of the City of Paris and the l’Institut français international art-in-residence program at Les Récollets.



Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

“A mediation through dance, music, and in particular body language and movement that transcends the limitations of verbal language”   – Brad Simm, Beatroute



Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere is set sometime after the cultural, economic, and political impasse of the 21st century. Inspired by the “last man” of Nietzsche and the “last woman” of Lana Del Rey, passing through the American dream to the other side of emptiness, it is an artistic exploration of the mechanics of the disenchantment of the Western world: How did we get here? What happened to us? Are we in a desert or on the set of a 1950s Hollywood western? In an expressionist cabaret or a decrepit motel room? On stage lies an empty billboard, a transmission radio, and four solitudes whose stories of broken love bring back memories that haunt us and, in part, define who we are. In Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere the future becomes a retrospective: it is an active inquiry into the possibility for re-enchantment, to be found in the cracks of lost and broken dreams.

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere combines theatre, performance art, pop music, and video installation. It deals with fragments, pieces of a puzzle, partial stories, lost memories, historical references, personal fantasies, and projections. The stage becomes a collective (re-) construction site, a space to sift through the archive of the past and imagine possible futures together.

In contrast to traditional forms of narrative, Lawes and his troupe of actor/dancer/musicians employ a thematic and aesthetic point of view to examine the work of some of our great cultural pillars, creating a type of active, communal meditation. Through the use of multiple languages and disciplines, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere explores the question of time and space and, in particular, the present moment in which we construct possible worlds together, in real time.

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere premiered at Theatre Junction GRAND in February 2015, and toured to Théâtre Aux Écuries in November 2015. The latter through a creative residency generously supported its development in September 2014.




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Mark Lawes works as a creator of experimental performance with an international, multidisciplinary company of artists. His work is created organically out of a friction between fragments of history, visual art, contemporary dance, music, new media and an alphabet of material coming from dramaturgical research. All of this is put in motion through a process of improvisation. Full-length works include a trilogy on death, desire and the Canadian West, Little Red River (2008,) On the Side of the Road (2009), and Lucy Lost Her Heart (2011), which toured to World Stage in Toronto and to Usine C in Montreal.


In 2012, Lawes was selected as laureate of the City of Paris/Institut Français art-in-residence program at Les Récollets to begin research on Sometime Between, which premiered in Calgary and subsequently toured to Montreal in 2014 at Théâtre Aux Ecuries in Montreal.


Lawes has collaborated with musicians, filmmakers, choreographers, visual artists, and directors in opera, theatre, dance, and film. In 2003, he lived in Paris where he worked on projects at l’Opéra national de Paris, le Théâtre de l’Athenée, le Scène nationale d’Orléans, the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, and the Steirischer Herbst theatre festival in Graz, Austria.


Lawes and Theatre Junction’s company of artists are currently working on the Supernova Trilogy which is being developed through a series of international residencies at Teatro Koreja, in Lecce, Italy, Usine C in Montreal, Canada and Le Carré les Colonnes in Bordeaux, France, and Théâtre 140 in Brussels, Belgium.



Raphaële Thiriet studied theatre in France at la Conservatoire National de Région de Toulouse, learning the Grotowski technique under Henry Bornstein. Upon graduation in 1997, she attended the l’Université d’Aix-en-Provence, where she studied philosophical and political views on theatre. In 2001, she honed her dramaturgy and acting skills under Angela Konrad, dramaturge and artistic director of the In Pulverem Reverteris company. While there, Raphaële performed in Time Is Out of Joint – Part 1, 2, & 3, Richard III, and Traumzeit, and toured throughout France and Germany. She has worked with choreographers Heddy Maalem and Emilio Calgagno (Ballet Preljocaj) and with several other companies in France including Ma Voisine S’appelle Cassandre on works by contemporary writers such as Valère Novarina, Edouard Glissant, and Roland Schimmelpfennig. She also performed in Les Instituteurs Immoreaux (inspired by the writings of Donatien Alphonse Sade) with the company Les Travailleurs de la Nuit and Martin Crimp’s The Country, directed by Chris Abraham of Crows Theatre (Toronto). Raphaële has been part of Theatre Junction’s company of artists for the past 9 years, collaborating as co-writer, performer, and dramaturge. Her most recent work includes the creation and curation of the TJLABS, and the staging of Concord Floral by Jordan Tannahill in collaboration with Erin Brubacher in 2016, with 10 teenagers from the Theatre Junction Mentorship Program.



Luc Bouchard-Boissonneault’s training in martial arts at an early age has been an influence throughout his career. Through karate, he learned about the philosophy of the “other,” of listening to the self, and of balance in the game of conflicting forces. Later in life, Luc became interested in the social dance phenomenon and discovered swing, which he practiced for several years. Intrigued by the body and physicality, Luc pursued a degree in contemporary dance at the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM), which quickly propelled him into the world of professional dance.


As an interpreter, Luc has worked with Dave St-Pierre on the creation of Un Peu de Tendresse Bordel de Merde, which toured internationally, including performances in the prestigious Festival d’Avingon, as well as with Québec choreographer Virginie Brunelle in Les Cuisses à L’écart du Coeur (2006), Complexe des Genres (2011), and Plomb (2013). Luc is based in Montreal and has been part of Theatre Junction’s company of artists for the past four years.



Melina Stinson is a dancer and choreographer based in Montreal. She is an ongoing interpreter for, and collaborator of Calgary’s Theatre Junction and Montreal’s Lost and Found with whom she has toured and created in France, Canada and Mexico over the last three years. When she isn’t working for these two companies, she is either creating her own work or dancing for other companies and choreographers such as Lara Kramer danse, Carré des Lombes, Bouge de là, Human Playground, Pulse and Puppet, Woo Me Myth, Taryn Javier, Manon Oligny and Mélanie Demers. Melina is excited to be working in Montreal with Dorian Nuskind-Oder for the first time in 2015.


Melina first discovered movement through urban dance in high school. As she continued her studies in dance at the University of Calgary and then in Montreal, she kept searching for the freedom she found in her initial dancing experiences. Now, Melina is increasingly interested in the body’s sensorial connection to common sense and empathy. Implicit physical communication among performers and audience is what keeps drawing Melina back to the studio and stage. Melina is based in Montreal and has been part of Theatre Junction’s company of artists for the past four years.



Ian Jarvis is a musician, composer and performer from Montreal, Quebec. For the past decade he has been active in both the Calgary and Montreal music scenes, composing, recording, and touring extensively throughout Canada and the US. As a composer he has explored the realms of jazz, rock, folk, experimental, ambient, and electronic music, having written for a number of
ensembles throughout his career. His improvisational approach to composing has also led him to create music for several contemporary dance pieces, both as live performer and music producer. In his own musical project, Chairs, Ian explores the merging of abstract imagery and pop songwriting, while experimenting with textures and timbres in a multi-layered approach to music production. Using an array of electronic and acoustic instruments, his stylistic pallet draws from an eclectic range of influences, both traditional and modern.


Ian has released three records as Chairs as well as two records as one half of the synth-pop duo, Galaxius Mons. As a collaborator, he has toured and recorded with Reuben and the Dark, Ghostkeeper, Samantha Savage Smith, Manners, Tamara Sandor and Jay Crocker. He earned a diploma in Jazz Performance from Mount Royal College in Calgary and a BFA in Integrative
Music Studies from Concordia University in Montreal.



Kyle Thomas is a Calgary-based filmmaker and musician and alum of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal. His short film Not Far From The Abattoir (2011) was awarded top prizes at the Calgary and Edmonton International Film Festivals for short format work by an Alberta-based director, and was screened in competition at SXSW 2012. Thomas’ latest short film The Post (2013) was presented at Cannes 2013 as part of Telefilm Canada’s Not Short On Talent program. A 2014 recipient of the prestigious Lieutenant Governor General of Alberta Arts Award, Thomas has completed his first feature film, The Valley Below, a multi-narrative drama set in the bad lands of central Alberta. The film was produced with the support of Telefilm Canada and the Alberta Media Fund, and had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014.


“A mediation through dance, music, and in particular body language and movement that transcends the limitations of verbal language.”Brad Simm, Beatroute Magazine


“The juxtaposition of the suburban and the solitude…is stunning and moving”Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald


“A brilliantly conceived multimedia exploration of interstices, both temporal and spatial, that we, as members of Western society, currently find ourselves in”Prof. Maria Euchner, PhD, University of Calgary


“A vibrant, surreal and often quite funny combination of spoken word, dance, striking video, film sequences and haunting original music”Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald


“Haunting, catastrophic, addicting — this performance covers all bases.” – Lifestyle Magazine


“ I very much hope that this group of artists can continue their difficult while not commercial way of theatrical work in the future. I strongly believe that Theatre Junction will soon gain international reputation.”Almut Wagner



Sometime Between – Press
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere – Press






Usine C, Montréal, Canada:  October 30 – December 8, 2017

Theatre Junction GRAND, Calgary, Canada:   May 7 – 26, 2018

Théâtre 140, Brussels, Belgium:   June 4 – 15, 2018

Usine C, Montréal, Canada:   June 18-29, 2018


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The Theatre Junction’s Company of Artists has been developing an artistic partnership with Théâtre Aux Écuries for the last three years. This partnership lead to the residency of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere in September 2014, and has now been invited back for its French premiere in November 2015.


November 3rd – November 7th 2015

Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere
Théâtre Aux Écuries, Montréal
7285, rue Chabot
 Montréal (Québec)




From October 1st to 11th 2015, Mark Lawes is invited to Paris by the Consulate General of France in Vancouver in the framework of the “FOCUS Performing Arts” organized by the Institut Français.




Throughout the 2015-16 season,  Theatre Junction’s company of artists will open their studio, the TJLAB, on a regular basis to present experiments and improvisations to a small audience featuring special guests.   Currently we are working with Malcolm Mooney, singer poet and visual artist, probably best known as the original vocalist from the German krautrock band CAN.






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